15th March 23

Home Visit: The design sanctuary of Cecilie Noer

A trip to the home of singer, interior designer and product designer Cecilie Noer marks the first in a series of features on people within the Paper Collective creative community. Artists, musicians, designers and other inspirational people who have shaped their homes and lives with their own particular creative flare.


30th January 23

Graphic Crafted Art by Berit Mogensen Lopez

Come along as we visit Berit Mogensen Lopez in her Copenhagen studio and get exclusive insight into the creative process of the textile designer, print-maker and artist who beautifully balances geometry and abstraction in her works for Paper Collective.


24th January 23

Capturing the moments with Ana Popescu

Join us as we visit Ana Popescu in her studio to talk about her art print series for Paper Collective, her hometown Vienna and the beauty of the passing everyday moments that she captures in her art.


19th January 23

Art between abstraction and figuration

Deeply connected with the colours, materials and motifs of her Mediterranean heritage, Marseille-based artist Avrandinis produces work that lies between abstraction and figuration.


30th November 22

The Mystery of Mae Studio

Mae Studio is the artistic project and pseudonym of an anonymous Paper Collective artist. The flowing abstractions and rich painted textures create soft geometric compositions that are almost sculptural elements on the wall.


23rd November 22

A playground for art

We caught up with Morten Kaaber, founder here at Paper Collective, to hear about why he started the company, where Morten gets inspiration and what his hopes are for the coming year.


16th November 22

Inspired by Nature

Get to know our artists in this series of studio visits and artist interviews. In this episode, say hello to Berenice Hernandez, a Mexican artist from Monterrey as she is interviewed by our creative projects and curation manager Nikolai Kotlarczyk.


9th September 22

Shaped Through the Movement

As one of our new collaborative artists, Of Atoms & Lines featured in our fall/winter collection with her unique conceptual imagination. Combining minimal aesthetics through an explorative process she questions the idea of reality.  With a background in architecture and design, Of Atoms & Lines combines different techniques to produce artwork inspired by physical and mathematical concepts. In this article, she answered a few questions to give us a better picture of her artistic profile and introduce her work to Paper Collective's collaborative family.


26th August 22

Discover our new Fall Collection

Paper Collective is committed to creating a space in which its collaborative artists can express and explore their creativity. The Fall 2022 collection is an ode to this with eclectic styles, mediums and approaches to form giving that is a testament to the diversity in the backgrounds of the artists.


17th June 22

Colour and form take centre stage - Studiopepe x Paper Collective

Paper Collective is proud to present Il sistema degli oggetti, a new collaboration with the internationally acclaimed, multi-disciplinary Milan based practice Studiopepe. With the launch, Paper Collective joins the company of a large group of international design brands which have collaborated with Studiopepe such as Fritz Hansen and Fendi.


3rd May 22

The hypnotizing meetings between man & machine

Paris based artist and industrial designer; Arnaud Pfeffer has just launched his first series for Paper Collective. Trained as an industrial designer, Arnaud has worked with all types of product design and development. In his day job he became captivated by the manufacturing process. This sparked a passion to explore the meeting between hand drawing and machine precision which he has mastered into a beautiful artform. We met the artist in Paris to talk about his artistry.


1st April 22

SOLSTORM - a powerful photo exhibition

Paper Collective and Fatamorgana presents SOLSTORM a group exhibition made by nine students from Fatamorgana. The Copenhagen exhibition draws inspiration from solar storms as a natural phenomenon. The result is a strong photo exhibition with stills as well as moving pictures.


10th March 22

Analogue photography to get lost in

We met up with the dark room photographer who has turned grainy black and white observations into an artform to talk to him about his inspiration and why he chooses the analogue art form.


8th March 22

How to create an art wall

Creating an art wall is a great way to bring your home to life but it can seem like a difficult task to take on. Paper Collective has created a step-by-step guide on how to create an art wall that suits you, your home, and your artwork. Our guide includes where to find inspiration, which tools you need and how to hang your art work. Read our guide here.

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