The Paper Collective Project

At Paper Collective we believe that good design can be more than the sum of it aesthetics and its functions. In collaboration with our contributing artists, we donate part of all sales of our art prints to a good cause somewhere in the world.

This year, we are commencing our biggest project yet, as we start the process of building a new school in rural Nepal in collaboration with our partner Human Practice Foundation.
The project is fully financed by the sales of Paper Collective posters. So every time you buy a poster here, you play a part in this project.

There is a framework agreement in place with the local government for the ongoing staffing, running and maintaining the school once it is completed.

Expected timeline

October 2018
Final location of project to be decided after visits to the selected areas.

November 2018-January 2019
Preparation of building site, materials and creating agreements with local suppliers and partners

February 2019
Initiation of building process

July-August 2019
Construction pause due to monsoon season

February 2020
Finish of building project and time to open the new school to the local kids and community.


Image credit: Human Practice Foundation

October 2018

The project has started!

We have started to build up a school close to Fungling in Taplejung, Nepal. The school is located in the most beautiful surroundings in the mountains and we are so happy to get started here. The school contains 282 students and hopefully our work, building up the school, will increase the number of students.

We are aiming to build up 10 classrooms and moreover we’ll have a focus on building up a library, computer room, science lab and teacher training.

Image credit: Human Practice Foundation

August 2019

…but it takes time and we are right now on a pause because of the monsoon. 

Nepal has been hit hard by landslides and floods. Fortunately, Taplejung has escaped ‘cheap’, but has still been hit by a lot of rain and we are therefore waiting for more build-friendly weather.

Image credit: Human Practice Foundation

October 2019

Good news from Nepal – the school building at Singhakali Secondary School has begun!

After the heavy monsoon in Nepal good progress has been made. The ground floor, walls and ceiling/floor between the two floors are now moulded – yeay! This process requires a lot of hands and we are so happy that the met up numerous times to help with this process.

Image credit: Human Practice Foundation

November 2019

It is always great joy receiving an update from Nepal. The progress on the first floor is going well and it won’t be long before we will start building the roof on the new building – yeah, we are getting closer and closer to 1st Days of school!